Editorial: Letter from Editors

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Ahmet Başal
Ceyhun Yükselir
Erdem Akbaş


Dear Focus on ELT Journal Readers,

As we all know, selecting an appropriate publication outlet for scholarly work is a crucial decision. In this context, we believe that Focus on ELT Journal is the right outlet for potential contributions to the field of English Language Teaching since we ensure that contributions meet the target audience at their best form after a rigorous blind peer-review process. We also believe that with every issue, we are getting better recognition and building a reliable and trustworthy name in the field, therefore reminding us of the heavy responsibility to set the quality bar high for the upcoming issues.

We are very happy to announce that the second issue of volume three in 2021 of Focus on ELT Journal includes five contributions, three of which are research articles featuring particular topics in language learning and teaching with different paradigms. This issue also covers two book reviews, recently published, giving comprehensive views about English language learner resources for supporting writing skill and the scope of teacher autonomy. It is noteworthy to state that with this issue, our journal has completed the third year in the field of ELT, which not only makes us excited and motivated for the next issues but also lays a burden on us to go forward and make more efforts contributing to our specific field with more relevant and robust studies.


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Başal, A. ., Yükselir, C., & Akbaş, E. (2021). Editorial: Letter from Editors . Focus on ELT Journal, 3(2), 1–4. https://doi.org/10.14744/felt.2021.3.2.1


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