Book Review: Language Teacher Educator Identity

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Rabia İrem Demirci


The notion of professional identity has gained prominence in many professional fields, especially in education with supportive policies of universities around the world. As language teacher educators, we need to better understand the roles we are ascribed to carry the language teacher education a step further. In Barkhuizen’s (2021) book Language Teacher Educator Identity, being language teacher educators in the field of language teaching and learning were examined from varying perspectives. Barkhuizen is currently working as a professor in Applied Language Studies and Linguistics at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. As a researcher, his areas of expertise consist of language teacher education, teacher identity, study abroad, narrative research in applied linguistics. Along with publishing several books on identity, he was involved in many projects adopting a narrative inquiry approach that he employs in Language Teacher Educator Identity book, as well


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Demirci, R. İrem . (2021). Book Review: Language Teacher Educator Identity. Focus on ELT Journal, 3(1), 81–83.
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