We are happy to announce the launch of our journal specifically dedicated to English Language Teaching and release of our first issue. We do hope that you will find the content as informative as we found it to be.

One of the objectives of this journal is to encourage publication from various contexts addressing issues from different perspectives dealing with a theoretical or applied perspective with the possible applications to the field of English language teaching and learning. We therefore would like to welcome submissions to discuss the latest developments in the field of English Language Teaching and Learning for the future issues of FELT Journal.

We dedicate the first issue of our ‘fledgling journal’ (as he once said for his own journal, EJAL) to the humane, sympathetic, constructive, and professional identity of our very own Prof. Dr. Ismail Hakkı Erten whose sudden death has deeply saddened us.


Dr. Ahmet Başal, Yıldız Technical University 
Dr. Ceyhun Yükselir, Osmaniye Korkut Ata University 
Dr. Erdem Akbaş, Erciyes University

ISSN: 2687-5381



Published: 2019-12-23