The opinion of ELT students on technology-based classroom approach

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İbrahim Yaşar Kazu
Yakubu Issaku


Technology integration into the classroom has been researched for more than two decades; but, studies in both qualitative and quantitative revealed varied effects on the usage of technology in the classes. However, the role of schools tends to prepare students for challenges of life after graduation and how to stay current; the ways of using the technology in classrooms are still in the hands of students. Therefore the opinions of students’ can probably affect the use of technology in a class. This study analyzed classroom technology evolution in university settings. ELT students opinions about technology-based classroom were measured via controlled Likert scale surveys. The data of this study was collected through the means of a survey. The survey was administered to three hundred and three ELT students at a public University in Turkey. Outcome of this study established that students’ opinion and attitudes towards technology-based classroom are assenting. However, ELT students did not use this approach more often. Furthermore, the use of classroom is not frequent due to these challenges, inadequate technology-based classrooms, insufficient information about the use of the various types of gadgets and programs; lack of courses for the effective training of teachers and students on how to use this approach. Lastly, this study provided methodological suggestions on how to use technology-based classroom with modern technological tools and materials, providing adequate training for students on how to use the technology-based classroom to help increase its implementation ELT settings in universities.


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Kazu, İbrahim Y., & Issaku, Y. . (2021). The opinion of ELT students on technology-based classroom approach. Focus on ELT Journal, 3(1), 33–42.
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Yakubu Issaku, Fırat University

Master’s student, Firat University, Turkey